Paint colors and paint swatches sitting on a table with a paint brush.

Using a Color Palette When Choosing Paint: What Works and What Doesn’t

Posted on: 08/6/18

When choosing the paint colors you want to use for your next painting job, you’ve got to be sure to make the right choice. There’s a lot to take into account, from complementary colors to color psychology – and it can get really complicated really fast. With that in mind, we’re going to break down […]

An airless paint sprayer and a roller being used by two painters to apply paint to the side of a building.

Airless Paint Sprayer or a Brush and Roller? Which Should You Use?

Posted on: 06/27/18

There’s been a debate for a long time over whether you should use a roller for your painting job, or an airless paint sprayer. You may be wondering, yourself: What should I work with for my painting job? Well, let’s settle things a little bit and give you an idea of the differences between the […]